Download proxy

This tool was designed to help you download files you need for your work.

When working on the network of a company, you may have all permissions to do what you want on your machine and still be unable to download a file you need because of restrictive firewall rules. This proxy bypasses it by redirecting the stream of the download or transforming it so that it will be compliant with those.

Read more about this tool here.

This tool’s only purpose is to save time to perform legit actions. You are solely responsible for the way you use this tool.

Redirect download but don't alter file

This is the simplest way to use the download proxy. This solution is adapted when the only rule preventing your download is about the domain you’re downloading from.

Zip file

The proxy returns the file in a zip archive. You know what to do next…

Unzippable image

This transformation returns an image which contains the original file as a zip. You can open this image with an archiving software, such as 7-Zip or WinRAR. The unzip command is a Linux-compatible solution.

Encode download to base64

Provides a base64-encoded version of your download. To decode it, you may use the following commands:

1# On Linux or Git Bash
2base64 -d file.txt.b64 > file.txt
3# On Windows
4certutil -decode file.txt.b64 file.txt

Fake picture

Adds JPEG’s magic numbers to the downloaded file.

The revert transformation consists in removing the first three and last two bytes/characters of the file. Under Linux, you can use the following command:

1sed 's/^\xFF\xD8\xFF//g' file.exe.jpg | sed 's/\xFF\xD9$//' > file.exe