A Hidden Treasure

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I see the landscape passing, but I’m in a hurry to get there. That’s not because this jump seat is uncomfortable—though it is—but this urban crossing feels endless.

I’m impatient! I need to find this tree again. It was so high, so imposing… No, “majestic.” That’s the word! What a hidden treasure behind the curve of an alley in this dreary city! Merely seing it made me feel an exaltation I never knew, yesterday night. I really need to see it by day.

Today, the exaltation I feel is capillary. My skull hurts. Yeah, I know, there’s no nerve in the skull because it’s a bone, but it feels like my hair is drilling through it.

There, that’s the stop! I jump out of the bus and head to the place where… No, I can’t be mistaken, it was here! Why is there only this dead shrub here?! No, I must be wrong.

What did I step in? Puke?! Charming! Wait, what are those weird bits? Pineapple… Fork, I remember… I was the one who puked! Those are the remains of the hawaian pizza I had.

Then, this dead tree? I understand now why the pals were doubled up. I really must stop with Lambic nights…

This story was written as a challenge.

Use all the following words: tree, capillary, exaltation, Lambic, pizza, jump seat, urban.