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Some time ago, I wrote about a possible solution for a self-hosted password manager. Yet, I understand if you don’t feel at ease with self-hosting. Other solutions are available, and offers some nice resources if you’re looking for a password manager that matches your use case.

Storing sensitive information on devices and online means people have to create and remember dozens of passwords to keep that information safe. Poor password habits, such as reusing passwords, can lead to data breaches, identity theft, fraud, and more.

Password managers are a convenient tool that help people generate and remember strong passwords. Using a password manager means you only have to remember one master password. This software typically also provides extra protection through two-factor authentication and security alerts.

As there are many password managers available, has created this list to help you choose which one is best for you, your family, or your business. You’ll be introduced to a a number of the most recommended password managers based on security, device compatibility, storage, and features.

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The link above is to a full list, but also provides some abridged ones. For instance, one of them focuses on password managers with a free plan, while another one can help you if you’re looking for an option with two-factor authentication.

If a list is more than you care about, the site also has some detailed reviews and one-on-one comparisons. When looking for a new home for your passwords, it’s great resource.

Transparency notice: This post is NOT sponsored content. proposed that I helped them being known, and their resources seemed relevant enough to everybody’s security that I accepted.