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Who Created this Site? #

I did. Me, Cyrille Chopelet. I’m a developer software creator. As many people in this field, I wanted a place to experiment and share what I discovered.

I had blogs before, but never had my own domain. This changed when I knew I would be using Bootstrap for a mission. I decided to build my own website with it and make it public. That’s when I went to a registrar.

Why the Name? #

“Keyboard Playing” may seem abstract. Many developers use their name or pseudo as their domain, but I hoped for a more collaborative space. I was creating something, but hoping that others might contribute.

I didn’t want it to be exclusively software-related either. I’m not an artist myself, but I love music, videogame and I’d been dreaming of writing for years. And I already had an obsession with keyboards.

Music, programming, writing… Pianos, computers, typewriters. There, you got it, we all play keyboards in our own way.

Support Is Welcome #

Money? #

This website is not here to make money. I don’t sell your data (I actually don’t collect any). There are no ads on this website, nor any tracker.

It’s time freely and gladly given. You can tip if you like, that’ll help pay for the hosting and domains. Click here if you’re interested. The amount is free.

If you’d rather buy something and still help, you can also buy our book. All profits will be reinvested in future projects from the community.

Our book’s cover

Other Forms of Support #

There are more efficient forms of support than money.

Did you like something that’s been shared here? Knowing that things are appreciated or useful, that is a real motivation.

So, don’t hesitate to react, comment. Tell us how to make things better, any kind of constructive feedback is positive.

Publicity is welcome too: if you deem it worthy, don’t hesitate to share. Or just send us a message.

Thank you, have a nice time on the website.