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Cyrille Chopelet

code Programming artist, person UX philosopher, casual games gamer, android scifi enthusiast, devices hitech dilettante, … To sum it up, just a geek.

Below is a selection of my projects. Some may need finishing touches or are just a thought yet, but their appearing here means I intend to finish them one day.

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file_download Download proxy

You are behind a proxy, which is blocking your download… and your work. If it is domain- or extension-based, this might help you go around the block and get on with your work.


An Excel timesheet to keep track of the time you spend at work.


An Excel timesheet to keep track of the time you spend at work.


A utility to schedule the execution of a Runnable job using CRON expressions.

Daily tasks

A todo manager that allows for handling normal and daily recurring tasks.


An algorithm to compare several versions of a tree to a reference.
Comes with an implementation for a file system, allowing for the recursive comparison of several directories (KDiff3 goes up to three, I needed more).


A proof-of-concept for mapping to and fro between a Java Map<String, String> and an annotated POJO.


A playground project to search for anagrams for a word.
Essentially an excuse to test JavaScript tools like npm and Grunt.


A JavaScript interface to generate crests for Habitica.
Only the main designs have been imagined yet. The implementation remains yet to do.